By: Ingrid Menninga

Is the Toronto Housing Market Slowing Down?

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Toronto real estate news January 2018

Is the Toronto housing market, one of the two hottest real estate markets in Canada, really slowing down in the new year? How much impact do the new mortgage regulations have on the market?

If you look back at market performance at this time last year, there was a shortage in inventory which lead to record high housing prices. Current market performance indicates a "cooling" as various factors impact this once overheated housing market.


If you're planning to enter the market soon, are you aware of the changes and how should you prepare for them? Here are some highlights for you to consider.





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House For Sale, Toronto

If we look at the market performance in the past decade, we can see the market trend is rising in terms of housing values, and the inventory is nearing the 10-year average.

toronto real estate inventory january 2018
toronto real estate price january 2018

Want to better understand the housing prices in the Toronto city? Take a closer look at C01, C02, and C03 areas.

toronto c01 area map for real estate

To be more specific, detached houses are valued at $1.36 million; townhouses and condos are priced at 50% less than detached houses in the area. Semi detached houses on average sell at $883k.
toronto c02 area map for real estate


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